Best Sulphate Free Keratin Shampoo in Pakistan

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Your body naturally makes keratin, which aids in the formation of your skin, hair, and nails. 
Your hair can be strengthened with the use of keratin products and treatments, which can also improve its appearance and texture. 
Eating foods high in keratin will aid in the production of keratin in your body.

What is Keratin?

A Keratin is a protein that is fibrous and is the main structural component of things like hair, feathers, hooves, claws, horns, and so on.

Why is Keratin good for Hair?

Keratin makes cells that overlap to form hair strands smoother, making hair easier to manage and less likely to frizz. This results in glossy, healthy-looking hair that dries with little frizz. By binding the hair back together for a short period of time, keratin can also help hide split ends. 

Top 5 Benefits of using Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner:

1. Keratin shampoo and conditioner makes hair stronger and longer.

2. Keratin helps to improve the hair volume and thickness.

3. Keratin based products helps to restore the original colour of the hair.

4. Keratin protein also makes hair follicles strong, hence less breakage.

5. Keratin shampoos and conditioners nourishes and maintain the shine of each hair strand.

Which Keratin Shampoo is good for Hair?

The Aloe vera shampoo by the Nature's Store is the best Organic Sulphate Free Keratin shampoo in Pakistan. 

Which Keratin Conditioner is good for Hair?

The Aloe vera Conditioner by the Nature's Store is the best Sulphate free organic keratin Conditioner in Pakistan.

 Aloe vera shampoo and Conditioner by the Nature's Store can be used on Keratin treated hair. 

 Keratin Shampoo Price in Pakistan: Rs 830 on Sale.

 Keratin Conditioner Price in Pakistan: Rs 1,230 on Sale.























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