Benefits of Healthy Granola

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Granola was initially known as "Granula" in the late 19th century. It was invested in New York by Dr James Caleb Jackson.  

What is the difference between Granola and Museli?

Granola and muesli have almost the same ingredients and health benefits. The main difference is how they're made. Granola is baked and usually contains Rolled Oats added Honey/Sweetener, dry fruits and Seeds , while muesli is enjoyed raw and sweetened with dried fruits only.

A lot of people enjoy granola with fresh fruits and yogurt. One full bowl of granola gives you nutrition throughout the day.  

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Granola is not just enjoyed in the breakfast but it is sometimes carried by people who are hiking, camping or backpacking because it helps to regain the energy and keeps you moving. Granola bars are convenient to carry

Health Benefits of Granola:

Most granola is rich in protein and fiber. High-protein ingredients in granola may include nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews, and seeds like hemp, pumpkin, and sesame. Granola may help to;

  •  Improve blood pressure.
  •  Reduce cholesterol levels.
  •  Reduce blood sugar.
  •  Improve gut health.
  •  Provide many antioxidants.

Dry fruits and seeds in Granola are rich in vitamins and proteins; they also boost immunity and prevent lifestyle diseases. Most dry fruits are rich in minerals, proteins, fibre and vitamins.



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