Why is Granola a Healthy Snack?

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Granola is considered as a healthy snack as it is mainly made with roasted crunchy Oats, Dry Fruits, Seeds and Honey/Brown Sugar. Hence, it is also known as Super Food. It is rich in vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and carbs etc.  

Granolas are usually rich in protein and fiber, which both contribute to fullness. Healthy granola bars are consumed after workouts or any other physical activities to regain the energy. 

What is the difference between Granola and Oats?

  • Granola: a breakfast food consisting of rolled oats, brown sugar, nuts, dried fruit, etc., usually served with milk.
  • Oats: a cereal grass, Avena sativa, cultivated for its edible seed.

Following are the Benefits of adding Granola in your diet;

  • High fiber items in Granola helps to reduce blood pressure.
  • Oats have beta glucan, a type of fiber that works best to reduce total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, two risk factors for heart disease.
  • Whole grains, dried fruits and seeds help to reduce blood sugar levels. 
  • Granola is rich in antioxidant which helps to keep you young and delays aging. 

A lot of people ask that "Why Granola in bad for you?", we always say that in order to reap its benefits, try not to add sugar. 100% pure Honey is the best alternative. Excessive sugar in your diet will lead to other health issues. 

How to make a healthy bowl of Granola?

You can mix fresh fruits ideally Berries, Mango, Banana, Apple, Apricot and Peach etc. If you are lactose intolerant then prefer lactose-free milk like Soy milk, Almond milk, Coconut milk.

Adding Greek yogurt will make your granola even tastier. 

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Is Granola available in Pakistan?

You can find the best variety of Granola in Pakistan. 

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