Almonds - Skardu


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250 Grams

Shazday produces its Dried Fruit and Nut range from produce grown in the Karakoram and Himalayan valleys by small land holding farmers. The way our sourcing is setup – we ensure farm to fork traceability. We understand that our consumers are health conscious and are looking for natural products free from artificial ingredients, therefore our Dried Fruit and Nuts are non-GMO and pesticide free, have no added sugars and processed in hygienic conditions complying with all international food safety standards. What you get are 100% natural Himalayan dried fruit and nuts unlike anything else.

We source our Dried fruit and Nuts directly from farmers of Gilgit Baltistan. All products are pesticide free, grown without artificial fertilizer and native to the region. When you buy from Shazday, you can be sure that you are buying nutritious and ecologically sustainable produce.