Barley Flour 450GM


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Rai’s Barley Flour is high in fiber and lower in calories which is prepared from dried and stone ground barley which is of finest quality, refers to barley that has been scoured and polished to remove the husk and the bran. It is packed with a great care and love.

Beauty and Health Use

Helps regulate blood sugar levels

Controls cholesterol

Helps in bowel movement

Improves bone health

For acquiring lustrous hair

Helps regulate sebum production in skin

Treatment for acne

Lightens skin and reduces black heads

Whitening skin


To attain lustrous hair- consume Niacin and Procyanidin, the nutrients present in barley flour to make hair grow as well as prevent hair loss. Applying on hair is not advisable

To regulate sebum production in skin- make a paste by mixing barley flour and lime juice. Apply it on skin and wait till it dries than rinse it with water. Apply on a regular basis for effective outcome.

To reduce acne- mix barley flour with some milk to form a paste, apply it on face then wash off with water. Do this regularly.

To treat blackheads and lightening skin tone- add 2-3tbsp of barley flour, ½ cup frozen cranberries, ¼ cup sugar and ¼ cup olive oil in a food processer. Process all the ingredients, dab your face with water and apply the mixture in circular motions. Wash it off after 30 seconds and dry pat your face to apply a moisturizer.

To whiten skin- mix 1tbsp barley flour with 1tsp milk, 1 ½tbsp lime juice to form a paste. Wash your face and apply the paste avoiding eyes and lips, rinse it off with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.
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