Charcoal Shampoo Bar

Calm and Balm

Regular price Rs.900.00

An irritated and angry scalp is no one's friend, so we've developed this charcoal shampoo bar to soothe sore, sensitive heads. Made with Jojoba oil and cocoa butter, it offers an ultra-soothing and über-softening cleanse that won't aggravate your scalp, while charcoal helps to relax your mind. It's the perfect shampoo for taking on the day or before hitting the sack. Charcoal Shampoo Bar is anti-psoriasis and helps with Dandruff. 

This solid, self-preserving bar will last for up to 65-80 washes depending on your use.

 No silicon oil, No mineral, No stain, No animal material, No synthetic spices, No petroleum surfactant