Chicken Breast Pieces "Desi Chicken"

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1 kg

Chicken Breast is an excellent source of low-fat protein, which is also called lean protein. A robust immune system and muscle building require protein, so we offered free-range chicken breast pieces sourced from the arrangement of sustainable natural farms.

Chicken Breast Pieces is a part of the privileged chain of natural food transformation. We love to secure you from consuming commercial meat at the stack of your health.

Hygienic standards strictly observed during the whole process, from egg-hatching till the cutting & packing of the meat.
Choose a healthy alternative for your tender, baked, grilled chicken recipes.
• Chicken grown in the entire natural environment
• Observed high-quality principles
• chemical-free feed

• high protein with low fat
• Ready to cook
• Support immunity


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DHA, Askari & Punjab Cooperative Housing Society.