Citrus Punch Deodorant

Earthly Essentials

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Citrus Punch Deodorant is Bi- carbonate free and enriched with the power of Magnesium. 100 % natural and effective at neutralising body odour! Has a fresh, energizing aroma of Graprefruit, Sweet Orange & zesty Lemon.

How to use

With clean hands (and armpits), take a very small (pea-sized) dab of cream and rub it between two index fingers, then apply to each side. Reapply as needed.

For extra sensitive skin, please do a patch test

This product may melt during shipping/hot weather.  We use organic coconut oil and shea butter which are highly temperature-sensitive. But there’s an easy fix! Simply mix the deodorant well with a chopstick/toothpick and pop in the fridge for 15 minutes or until solid. Store in a cool dry place