Forest Honey

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Our Forest or Wildflower honey is usually sourced from flower of any plant that normally grows in fields, forests, etc. In other words, there’s no specific type or family for wildflowers; they are the flower that grows on its own in the wild – so there’s no predicting exactly what Forest honey will look or taste like. The color and flavor of this honey varies also on account of different plants flower at different times of the year. So the nectar collected by honey bees in May is likely to come from completely different wildflowers than the nectar the bees gather in September.

There are natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in wildflower honey, making it an effective way to naturally boost the body’s immune system, fight infections that cause colds, soothe sore throats, help with digestion and fight the damage done by the free radicals that cause many diseases. There’s one other health benefit to wildflower honey that other varieties can’t provide: relief for some allergy sufferers, eating small amounts of local wildflower honey can help limit allergic reactions caused by pollen from flowers native to the area. It may also help in stress relief and improving one’s sleep cycle.

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