Four Melon Seeds 100GM


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100% Natural; Mixed Melon Seeds (Charmagaz) Char literally translated means four and char magaz consists of pumpkin seed, musk melon seed, water melon seed and cucumber seed. Literally translated: Char means 4, and Magaz means intelligence. It is extensively used in Rajasthani cuisine. Net weight of this product is 100gm.


Improves body’s metabolism and cardiovascular system

Helps treat diabetes

Helps in recovering your health after an illness

Improves your memory

Eliminates kidney stones

Lowers the risk of cardiac ailments

Prevents acne and other skin issues

Prevents signs of aging

Rejuvenates your skin

Prevents skin cancer and other skin diseases

Provides healthier, lustrous hair

Improves hair growth

Prevents from breakage of hair
Tags: Anti Acne, Anti-Aging, Hair Care, Sharpen Memory, Treat Diabetes, Treat Kidney Stone

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