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Indigo Powder | Premium Quality |100 gram

Indigo Powder | Premium Quality |100 gram

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What is Indigo?

Indigo is a powder naturally extracted from the leaves of the Indigofera Tinctoria plant. It is grinded to ensure a 100% pure concentration. It is called indigo powder because the ground powder has a deep blue color.

What is Indigo Called in Urdu?

Indigo Powder in Urdu is Called Wasma / Neel Ka Poda and a few people call it Vashma too.


How to use Indigo & Henna powder for hair?

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How to get black shade with Indigo and Henna?

When you intend to color your hair, soak henna paste 8-12 hours before application. In this method, you apply henna on the first step, wash it, and then apply indigo on 2nd step.

How to get a brown shade with Indigo and Henna?

When you intend to color your hair, soak henna paste 8-12 hours before application. Before you apply the henna paste, make a fresh indigo paste and mix it in the henna paste. Apply for 3-4 hours.

How much do I have to use Indigo and Henna?

  • Root touch-up 25-50 grams (2-4 tbs)
  • Shoulder length: 100-125 grams(6-9 tbs)
  • Mid-back: 150-175 grams(10-12 tbs)

Is it safe to use Indigo and Henna powder in your hair?

This is a plant-based hair dye method that gives 100% chemical-free white hair coverage into shades of brown to blond or black using Henna, and indigo. These all are plants and all stain hair's outer layer of keratin. This does not affect hair€™s natural melanin, so this is a damage-free method.

Yes, it is safe to use Indigo and Henna in your hair. Moreover, this Indigo Powder is;


  • Ammonia free
  • Peroxide free,
  • PPD free,
  • Metallic salt-free,
  • Preservatives free,
  • Vegan
  • Lab Tested
  • Certified Source


     What are the benefits of using Indigo Powder?

    • Makes your hair voluminous, healthier, shinier & glossy,
    • Helps to treat dandruff.
    • It deeply conditions hair.
    • Promotes hair growth.
    • Balances pH and oil production.
    • Strengthens hair and curbs hair loss.

    Does Indigo Have Any Side Effect Or Allergies?

    As we already mentioned that indigo does not harm but even then we can not deny the fact that some people can be allergic to any natural thing just like some people are allergic to eggs, Or a touch of grass, berries, or lemon. similarly, some people are allergic to the coldness of henna. Indigo powder is a fermented plant having a natural spore in it. Some people can be allergic to this spore. it€™s rare but it is possible.

    Can I use Indigo and Henna powder on chemically treated hair?

    Yes, you can use Indigo and Henna on chemically treated hair. However, it is suggested to wait 5-6 weeks between chemical treatment and hair coloring

    Can indigo powder without henna give results?

    No. Indigo Powder does not work efficiently without henna. if you will apply it without henna. It gives a grey-blue shade. You can Buy Our henna and indigo kit from our shop. Click Here

    How long does indigo hair dye last?

    it depends on the individual€™s new hair growth from roots. Approx every two to 4 weeks later procedure will be needed on roots. how often you do it will never harm.

    Can I premix henna and indigo powder together and soak it overnight?

    NO. You can not premix henna and indigo powder to achieve shades of brown to black.  Henna and indigo have different dye-release in nature.

    Pure Henna releases its dye within 12 hours. whereas indigo demises its dye within two hours. 

    Is this Halal to use Indigo & Henna?

    This is Halal Hair Dye and is considered to be Sunnah Because it has the same method and properties as KHATAM ( Buxus Dioica)/ Wisma well known in Tib-e-Nabvi.

    Where to buy indigo powder online in Pakistan?

    Get 100% Pure and authentic Indigo and Henna Powder online in Pakistan at "The Nature's Store". 

    You can get Indigo and Henna Powder to your doorstep in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, and other small towns and cities too. 




    PATCH TEST is advisable before adding a new personal care product to your routine. Apply the product to a small area observe for the next 24 hours. Make sure you apply a very small quantity.

    If there’s no reaction, you can apply the product to your Hair or Skin. Never apply directly to face. If the skin is sensitive, continue the test for 7 days. This helps ensure you are not allergic to any ingredient. If irritation occurs, please discontinue the product and consult a dermatologist.

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