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Indigo is a pure plant. It is used with Henna plant powder.
Apply Indigo/Wasma after henna for dark brown near to lush black shade.
Apply a blend of henna and indigo for an auburn to medium brown shade.

100% chemical Free indigo powder Hair Dye is now available in Pakistan.Indigo Powder in Urdu is Called Wasma / Neel Ka Poda and a few people call it Vashma too. It is a plant and its botanical name is Indigofera Tictoria. It is green in color and releases the blue-purple dye. Organic Indigo Powder and Henna Powder Combination Gives Black / Brown Hair Color PPD free and ammonia free without damaging hair texture. Safe for sensitive skin and allergies

How much do I need?

The total amount of powder you may need according to your hair thickness and length. it is sort of permanent color so you need mostly root touch up to color new roots · Root touch up 25-50 grams(2-4 tbs) · Shoulder length: 100-125 grams(6-9 tbs) · Mid-back: 150-175 grams(10-12 tbs)


What is Indigo Powder Zero Chemical Method For Hair Color?

 This is a plant-based hair dye method that gives 100% chemical-free white hair coverage into shades of brown to blond or black using Henna, indigo. These all are plants and all stain hair's outer layer of keratin. This does not affect hair’s natural melanin, so this is a damage-free method.

 What are the Indigo Powder benefits?

 Indigo and henna both are plants and color the outer layer without damaging hair. You can use it safely. It makes hair

  • voluminous
  • healthier, shinier & glossy,
  • Cures dandruff
  • Condition hair
  • Promote hair growth
  • Balances pH and oil production
  • Strengthen hair and curbs hair loss

Is indigo powder herbal hair dye Safe?

  • Who are allergic to synthetic dye,
  • Chemical processed hair/damaged hair,
  • All ages,
  • All gender,
  • Pregnant mothers, Premature white and
  • can be used on beard too.

It is Pure indigo power and herbal hair dye. Following are the properties

  • Ammonia free
  • Peroxide free,
  • ppd free,
  • Metallic salt-free,
  • ¬†Preservatives free,
  • Vegan
  • Lab Tested
  • certified Source

Does Indigo Have Any Side Effect Or Allergies?

As we already mentioned that indigo does not harm but even then we can not deny the fact that some people can be allergic to any natural thing just like some people are allergic to eggs, Or a touch of grass, berries, or lemon. similarly, some people are allergic to the coldness of henna. Indigo powder is a fermented plant having a natural spore in it. Some people can be allergic to this spore. it’s rare but it is possible.

 How to use indigo powder for hair?

There are two methods for coloring your hair with these plants. One is called a two-step method. Other is called the one-step method. The two-step method mostly suits everyone and gives more long-lasting results. If you have naturally dark hair then always follow the two-step method. If you have naturally light-colored hair then you can follow the one-step method too.


When you intend to color your hair, soak henna paste 8-12 hours before application. In this method, you apply henna on the first step, wash it, and then apply indigo on 2nd step.

 ONE STEP METHOD FOR BROWN SHADE(henna and indigo blend)

When you intend to color your hair, soak henna paste 8-12 hours before application. Before you apply the henna paste, make a fresh indigo paste and mix in the henna paste. Apply for 3-4 hours.

Which method is more effective for the henna and indigo hair dye method?

I personally do the two-step method and always have seen people getting happier results with this method. especially we recommend the two-step method if your true shade is dark. People having natural blond or brown color hair can go for the one-step method too.

Can indigo powder without henna give results?

No. Indigo Powder does not work efficiently without henna. if you will apply it without henna. It gives a grey-blue shade. You can Buy Our henna and indigo kit from our shop. Click Here

Does it color on the first attempt?

Indigo powder color is permanent. but for first-time users, there may be an adjustment period with this natural dye method depending on how much your hair was already exposed to chemicals. if you have virgin or excessive damaged hair you might get satisfactory results after two to three attempts. so this is called the adjustment period. once your color is settled you will only need to do root touch-ups depending on how soon your roots get white hair visibility.

How long does indigo hair dye last?

it depends on the individual’s new hair growth from roots. Approx every two to 4 weeks later procedure will be needed on roots. how often you do it will never harm.

Can it make my hair into lighter tones?

Please note this zero chemical method can only make white or light tones darker but it won’t make your dark hair towards lighter tones.

It gives a beautiful brown shade to my mother can I get the same shade on me?

Every individual can have different results with the same product and method according to their hair structure, their real hair color, and hair health.

Can I premix henna and indigo powder together and soak it overnight?

NO. You can not premix henna and indigo powder to achieve shades of brown to black. If in the market someone selling a product that is having henna and indigo powder premix then it must be chemical. Henna and indigo having different dye release nature. Pure Henna releases its dye within 12 hours. whereas indigo demises its dye within two hours. so the procedure of making indigo and applying it should be done in 2 hours. that is why it is always recommended to ready henna paste first and then add indigo right before you are ready to apply. you will be more guided in our manual.

Is this Halal. is my wudu valid using it?

This is Halal Hair Dye and is considered to be Sunnah Because it has the same method and properties of KHATAM ( Buxus Dioica)/ Wasma well known in Tib-e-Nabvi. Indigo if applied after henna it changes the color of henna into deep brown near to lush black. you can also achieve unique shades of brownish red to medium brown shade if you apply indigo and henna blend together. It is sunnah so definitely, your wudu is still valid while using it. There is another concept in Islam that you can not dye your hair jet black. indigo and henna blend does not give you jet black shade. It gives you dark brown near to black shade that is acceptable and halal color according to all sects and religious schools 0f thought.

Where to buy indigo powder online in Pakistan?

We can ship anywhere in Pakistan at your doorstep in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, and other small towns and cities too. Order now and get it within two to three days. You will Have the most smooth experience with us