Jojoba Oil

Lush Organix

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Lush Organix Jojoba oil is a powerful multi-use moisturizer that effectively enriches your skin and is suitable for the most sensitive skin and hair. Experience the natural moisturizing properties of pure and organic jojoba oil, which is pure & natural plant extract that penetrates and moisturizes skin without leaving an oily residue

Usage: Carrier Oil: Lush Organix Jojoba Oil is a proven carrier oil for all your essential oils. Mix the Jojoba Oil with your choice of essential oil for great results.

Moisturiser: Jojoba oil is a proven moisturiser for skin and scalp. The oil is a must ingredient to tame a hard and itchy beard. The oil is readily absorbed and tolerated by the top layer of the skin and can help to balance sebum production when applied topically.

Natural Make up Remover: Take 2-3 drops of the oil and apply on face. After about 3 minutes, gently wipe makeup off with a soft cotton ball. Rinse face with warm water using a gentle face fash.