Lava Henna Leaf Powder-100 Grams

Organic Roots

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Lava Henna is the most popular and triple sifted tattoo grade. Best for all hair type and for making cones too. Due to these qualities it is included in our premium quality natural hair coloring kit too.

What is henna leaf powder?
Henna leaves powder stain red-orange. It is an amazing natural conditioner, makes hair healthy, voluminous, strong and builds a protective layer on hair strands thatā€™s safeguards from damage by heat and sunlight; it cures dandruff and itchy scalp too.

Benefits:Ā It makes hair

  • voluminous
  • Ā healthier, shinier & glossy,
  • Ā Cures dandruffĀ  Condition hair
  • Ā  Promote hair growth
  • Ā  Balances pH and oil production
  • Ā Strengthen hair and curbs hair loss

Safe For :

  • Who are allergic to synthetic dye
  • Ā Chemical processed hair/damaged hair
  • Ā All ages
  • Ā All gender
  • Pregnant mothers
  • Pre-mature white
  • Beard

Properties :

  • Ā Ammonia free
  • Ā  Peroxide free
  • Ā  ppd free
  • Ā  Metallic salt free
  • Ā  Preservatives free
  • Ā  Cruelty-free
  • Ā  Vegan


How To Use:

When you intend to color your hair, soak henna paste 8-12 hours before application.

How to make the henna paste:

  • In henna powder, mix Organic Rootsā€™ low pH acidic powder (or else you can add the juice of 3-4 lemons.)
  • Make a henna paste with pure normal temperature water (not hot).
  • Cover it and keep it in a warm corner for 8-12 hours.
  • The paste is ready to use.
  • Apply on hair. Cover with plastic wrap/shower cap for 3-6 hours.
  • Wash with shampoo

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