Organic Buckwheat Flour


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Benefits of Buckwheat?

It is a Gluten-FREE flour that is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbs. There are several benefits of "Buckwheat Flour".

1. Improvement in Blood Sugar Level:

2. Buckwheat has also been found to improve your blood lipid profile. It keeps the heart healthy and prevents clotting.

3. It is a Gluten-Free flour therefore it keeps the metabolism healthy and helps in proper food digestion.

4. Buckwheat flour is rich in Antioxidants, Magnesium, phosphorus, Iron, Copper, and Manganese. 

5. The protein in buckwheat is of very high quality. It is particularly rich in the amino acids lysine and arginine.

How can we use Buckwheat Flour?

This flour can be used in making bread, pancakes, and soba noodles or as medicine. The groats can be used as a cereal.  Some of the popular dishes made with Buckwheat are:

- Soba Noodles.  

- Buckwheat Crumble.

- Buckwheat Porridge.

- Buckwheat Pancakes.

- Buckwheat Breas or Roti.

- Roasted Buckwheat with Vegetables.