Apricot Kernel

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What are Apricot Kernels? 

The seed enclosed within the hard shell of an dried apricot is known as apricot kernel and are generally characterized into two kinds; bitter and sweet. The seeds are sometimes referred to as the poor man's almonds owing to their almond-like appearance. The seeds revamp their colour from white to dark brown depending on their freshness. However, they differ in terms of shape, size, texture and taste in comparison with almonds. They appear to be flatter, smaller, softer and nuttier in flavour. Myths Behind Their Consumption There are quite a few myths in relation to their usefulness to the human health. Some researches claim that the seeds contain amygdalin, a chemical that further gives birth to a compound called cyanide that prevents cancer cells from multiplying. While some suggest that consuming kernels on a daily basis can prove to be fatal to the individual's health. Despite, the two approaches, apricot kernels are still widely available for public consumption around the globe. Dried Apricot Seeds Uses  These seeds are rich in fibre, proteins and natural oils, as per Pinterest they can be used in a mammoth of recipes. Such as frozen yoghurts, granola bowls and biscuits.