Ubtan Glow Mask Set

Mariam's Organic Secrets

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100 Grams

Description: A complete organic ubtan mask set for the best skin treatment you can have at home.

Items include:

  • Mariam‚Äôs Ubtan Glow Face mask ‚Äď 300g
  • Alovera Rose water (Alovera Vera is infused in rose water) ‚Äď 60ml
  • Jasmine oil (100% pure and full of face nutrients) ‚Äď 30ml



Husn e Yousaf                  

Orange husk            



Barley Grains                    

Rose petals          


Hibiscus flower         


Almond husk                 

Cuttlefish Bone                

Aloe Vera Rosewater:       

Pure Aloe Vera gel            

Rose water                         

Rosemary essential oil (acts as a preservative)


Usage Details: Use one tablespoon of Ubtan and dilute it with one teaspoon of jasmine oil and milk. Apply the paste on your face. Keep on for 20mins Scrape it off the access with a few teaspoons of Aloe Vera rose water. Rest for 5-6 mins. Then rinse mask with water. To be used twice a week


  • Softer more moisturized skin
  • Contains anti-acne properties
  • Contains anti-aging properties
  • Brighter and more vibrant complexion
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Natural scrub for open pores

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