Pure Desi Chicken in Lahore

Posted by Sarah Arif on

Which desi chicken is the best?

A free range desi murgha is the best desi chicken. The chicken must be on desi or natural feed. It should be hormones and antibiotic free.

What is the difference between Broiler and Desi Chicken?

Desi chicken takes relatively more cooking time because Broiler Chicken is more tender. Desi chicken has less meat than broiler. 

What breed is Desi Murghi?

Aseel Chicken Breed is the most popular poultry bird in Pakistan.  

Is desi chicken good for health?

Benefits of Desi Chicken:

 1. Normal available chicken in the market causes a lot of hormone related issue in especially women. Desi chicken is safe in that context. 

2. Desi chicken is a good source of protein, hence great for the muscles. 

3. Desi chicken is disease free due to the healthy practices being followed.

4. Desi chicken doesn't cause different allergies and skin diseases like normal chicken. 

5. Desi chicken keeps your bone healthy.


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