About Us

For the past few decades, we have been consuming a lot of chemical based personal care and food products. But the worst part is, most people don’t even recognize this as a problem.

Despite most of our older generation advising on using organic and locally produced home made products, using non-natural and unsustainable products has become the norm.

After researching on the many complications such products have on skin and health in the longer run, we found the only solution: Increase Knowledge and Production of Chemical-Free Natural Products that are Suitable for Long-Term consumption and are Sustainable for our planet.

And before we knew it, in 2020, The Nature’s Store was established with a single mission in mind: to ignite the awareness and work as an ambassador for all natural products in Pakistan. Our goal is to help people learn and shift from conventional chemical based to organic and natural products.

At The Nature’s Store, we are true believers of growing local entrepreneurs and hope to provide exposure to the many wonderful local natural and organic product brands in Pakistan. We already have over 30 vendors selling over a 1,000 unique products for health, personal care and diet / food.


How we make it easy for you to switch to Natural and Organic Products:

  • We don’t sell anything we don’t consume ourselves and everything is tried by us before listing it online
  • Our vendors are all home based hard working producers that do not believe in chemical based products
  • A number of our vendors work to bring livelihood to people in need to help improve poverty conditions
  • All our ingredients are either sourced from high quality local producers or imported from notable international vendors
  • Our team is young and energetic who dares to challenge the status quo
  • Our returns policy will ensure you never get cheated by any of our vendors
  • A number of products are produced in house and we try to use sustainable products and packaging the max we can


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