What are Essential Oils and where to buy them in Pakistan ?

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What are Essential Oils?!

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants and they retain the flavor and essence of the plant.

Obtained through a distillation process or cold pressing methods, essential oils contain the aromatic chemicals of a plan and this is then combined with carrier oils to create an end product.

Similar to all of the natural products, generally the essential oils made through a Chemical based process is considered to not be a true essential oil.

Essential oils are generally used for aromatherapy to support good health and well-being. That being said, some of the claims for essential oils are baseless and are not backed by enough scientific evidence.

Essential Oils are generally applied to the skin or inhaled for aromatherapy. There are more than 90 commonly used essential oils.



Health benefits of essential oils

Essential oils are known for a lot of health and mental benefits but more detailed scientific research is needed in humans to back this claim. That being said, some of the benefits have been mentioned below.

Stress and anxiety

Essential Oils are used for massage and the aroma helps relieve stress while the massage is taking place.

Headaches and migraines

Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils are best known to reduce headache pain. Similarly, widely used in traditional Persian home remedies, Chamomile and Sesame Oil mixture applied to the temples is known to treat headaches and migraines.

Sleep and insomnia

Lavender is know for better sleep due to it's calming aroma. Same goes for Lavender Essential Oil and the effects are same when consumed in the form of herbal tea.

Reducing inflammation

Some of the essential oils claim to help reduce inflammatory conditions.

Antibiotic and antimicrobial

Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils are used for their antimicrobial effects.

How to choose the right essential oils

Always ensure you get the finest and most pure essential oil as they are generally directly used on your skin:

  • Purity: Oil that contain only aromatic plant compounds, without additives or synthetic oils. A giveaway of authenticity and purity is usage of the generic plant name instead of normal name. Like usage of Lavandula Officinalis instead of Lavender.
  • Quality: Chemical free extraction process is the best. It retains the most aroma and properties with 0 additives. Distillation process works the best.
  • Reputation: Always choose a high quality brand for essential oils with proper documentation on the extraction process and authenticity.


The and Don'ts of Essential Oils

  • Do not rub essential oils on mouth, nose, eyes, or private parts.
  • Do not trust the buzzwords like pure and natural, do your research first.
  • Do not put edible oils on your skin, they might burn or leave rashes.
  • Do not use on damaged skin.
  • Do not use without dilution with water or other carrier oils.
  • Do not store them in front of children.
  • Do not continue usage if there are skin problems, talk to your doctor instead.
  • Do not overdo the usage of essential oils.
  • DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRY THEM. They can work wonders for you.


Which brand is best for essential oils?

1. Lush Organix

2. Aura Crafts.

What are the Top 10 essential oils?

Best Essentials Oils in Pakistan:

1. Buy Lavender Essential Oil in PakistanThis bestseller oil has the ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation, and treat respiratory problems.

2. Buy Eucalyptus Essential Oil in PakistanThe uses for Eucalyptus Essential Oil are abundant, ranging from medicinal and odorous to cosmetic.

3. Buy Tea Tree Essential Oil in Pakistan: Used in aromatherapy, the fragrance of Tea Tree Essential Oil is inhaled and scent receptors in the brain’s emotional powerhouse process the smell as calming, allowing the brain and body to relax.

4. Buy Cedarwood Essential Oil.in PakistanCedarwood essential oil is widely used to improve sleep quality, promote healthy skin, repel insects, and create a beautiful aroma.

5. Buy Bergamot Essential Oil in Pakistan: Diluted with a carrier oil and used topically, Bergamot Oil relieves muscle aches and body pains including headaches and discomforts associated with arthritis.

6. Buy Rosemary Essential Oil in PakistanUsed in aromatherapy, the woody, evergreen scent of Rosemary can promote relaxation and boost alertness as well as brain function, thereby improving memory.

7. Buy Neroli Essential Oil in PakistanBecause of its soothing effect on mood, neroli oil is often used as an ingredient in body lotions and cosmetics.

8. Buy Lemongrass Essential Oil in Pakistan: Lemongrass oil can be extracted, and it's been used by healthcare providers to treat digestive problems and high blood pressure.

9. Buy Peppermint Essential Oil in PakistanWhen used topically in homemade moisturizers, the cooling and calming effects of Peppermint essential oil can relieve sore muscles.

10. Buy Lemon Essential Oil in Pakistan: Lemon Essential Oil’s active chemical components contribute to its therapeutic benefits that give it the reputation of being an invigorating, cleansing, and purifying oil.

Where to buy essential oils in Pakistan?

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