Jojoba Oil Benefits for Skin & Hair

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What is Jojoba?

is the liquid produced in the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis.(Jojoba) plant, a shrub. It is also known as "Jojoba Wax". It has a clear Golden colour. Jojoba oil is used in many cosmetic products due to its innumerable benefits for hair and skin. The oil texture and consistency is similar to our natural sebum, therefore Jojoba is not a greasy oil and it falls under the list of non-comedogenic oils.


What are the benefits of Jojoba Oil?

Is 100% Jojoba Oil good for skin?

* Deeply Moisturizes skin and gives an extra glow.

* Soften rough cuticles. 

* It also helps to nourish lips and prevents them from pigmentation and dryness. 

* It has anti-bacterial properties. 

* Jojoba Oil is also added in skin care products for skin lightening. 

* Jojoba Oil helps to prevent aging and wrinkles

* It can soothe acne prone skin and further help to prevent breakouts.

Is Jojoba Oil good for hair?

* Deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair.

* Reduces fizziness and dullness.

* Helps to thicken hair, thus improving the hair quality.

* Helps to control dandruff and hair loss. A lot of people use Jojoba Oil for scalp build up. 

* Maintains scalp's natural Ph balance. 

* Encourages hair growth and revitalizes hair.

* It helps to bring extra shine and bounce.

Is Jojoba Oil good for daily use?

Yes, Jojoba Oil is excellent for daily use. 

Where can I find Jojoba Oil?

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