Best hair oil for hair fall, dandruff, hair growth, dry & damaged Hair

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What are hair oils made of?

Everyone has a different recipe of making hair oil. But mainly, they are made of different carries oils, cold-pressed oils, herbs and essential oils (optional). 

Does oiling prevents hair fall?

Yes, regular hair oiling can help to reduce hair fall to a greater extent if you don't have any internal issue. 

How is oiling good for your hair?

There are many benefits of oiling your hair. Here are a few benefits that you can feel in your hair:

1. Deeply nourishes and strengthens hair.

2. Helps to treat dry and damaged hair.

3. Regular oiling can prevents dandruff and flakiness.

4. Oils are super moisturizing, therefore using oils can treats hair dryness. 

5. Hair Oil massage increases the blood flow, hence it improves hair growth.

6. Using the right hair oil can help you to treat hair fall.

How to apply hair oil?

Follow the below mentioned method to avail the maximum benefits from hair oil:

1. Slightly warm hair oil and then apply it from your roots till the end.

2. Massage properly in a circular motion.

3. Cover your head with a hot towel.

4. Wash it off with a sulphate free shampoo after 3-4 hrs.


What is the best time to oil your scalp?

You can use hair oil at any time of the day. 

Is excessive oiling bad for your hair?

Excessive usage of oiling means excessive washing of hair as well. It can make your hair weak.

How is hair oil different from serums?

Serum could be water or oil based. Serum is more of a styling product with added benefits. You don't really have to wash your hair after using a serum, whereas, you have to wash your hair after oiling. 

Which Cold pressed oils are best for hair fall, dandruff, dry and damaged hair?

There are a lot of col-pressed oils and each and everyone has their own properties.

1. Almond Oil, Apricot Oil and Coconut Oil are very moisturizing. All these three oils are used to treat dry/damaged hair and flaky scalp.

2. Flaxseed oil is rich in vitamin E oil due to which it is excellent for hair growth and hair fall. 

3. Sesame oil is excellent for those who have bald patches due to hair fall issue. 

4. Argan Oil is known to have miraculous properties for the overall health of hair.

5. Jojoba oil works great on dry and brittle hair. 

6. Black seed Oil and Fenugreek Oil are great to prevent early age greying.

7. Castor Oil is known to regrow and thicken hair. 

8.  Olive Oil has been used since ancient times to make hair longer and stronger.

9. Mustard Oil is known to treat hair thinning issue. 

10. Avocado oil is used to improve the shine and luster in hair . 

Which essential oils are good for hair fall, dandruff, dry and damaged hair?

Following Essential Oils are used to treat different hair problems:

1. Rosemary essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil and Peppermint essential oil are great for Hair growth and hair fall.

2. Tea Tree essential oil are used to treat dandruff. 

3. Chamomile essential oil is used to improve the shine.

4. Lavender essential oil soothes hair scalp.

5. Clary Sage essential oil and Thyme essential oil are good for hair strength. 

Which is the best hair oil for dry/damages hair, hair fall, dandruff and hair growth?

Herbal Hair Tonic Oil by the Nature's Store is the best hair oil for all hair related problems. This magical hair oil helps to control hair fall, treats dry damaged hair, and improves hair regrowth. 

















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