Top 5 Natural Deodorants in Pakistan

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What are Natural Deodorants?

Natural deodorants  are basically aluminum-free deodorants, but that does not mean you won't sweat, the entire ingredients work to mask or neutralize body odor.

That's because sweat itself doesn't actually smell. It is the bacteria which makes your armpits smelly.

Why are Natural Deodorants Better?

Natural or Natural deodorants contain no harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances. they are made from Cold-pressed oils, Butters, Essential oils, and naturally absorbent ingredients like baking soda, arrowroot, or cornstarch to combat moisture. 

Why Natural Deodorants Work and How to Make Your Own

Whereas, most conventional deodorants contain a list of toxic ingredients, such as aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol and triclosan, among other questionable ones.

Following are the Top natural deodorants for women and men both by Mahriyah , Earthly Essentials and Marjaan Botanicals. These are the best deodorants without aluminum and parabens:

1. Jasmine Deodorants

2. Citrus Punch Deo

2. Ocean Splash Deo

3. Lavender Love Deo.

4. Lemon Deo.

5. Lavender Deo


Try some of the above products and start your own "All Natural" journey today. :)

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