Best Selling Sulfate free and Paraben free shampoo for hair fall in Pakistan

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In recent years, there has been a significant shift in consumer preferences towards sulfate and paraben-free shampoos. With increasing awareness of the potential drawbacks associated with these chemicals, many individuals are opting for a gentler approach to hair care. Let's delve into what sulfate and paraben-free shampoos entail and why they are gaining popularity. 

Best Sulphate free and paraben free shampoo in pakistan

Do you know why Sulfates and Parabens are bad for your hair?

Sulfate is a salt that forms when Sulfuric acid reacts with another chemical. It’s a broader term for other synthetic sulfate-based chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Sulfate is harmful for your skin as it can cause skin irritation and various chronical issues which leads to damaged hair and hair fall. 

Recent research found that parabens were often in the urine and blood stream of people using products containing parabens. This just means that what you’re putting on your hair and scalp often gets into your pores and blood. Therefore,  it’s important to be mindful of what you’re using on your body. Paraben also cause allergic reactions on skin.


Why Sulfate is bad for hair?

Are sulfate-free and Pareben-free shampoos good for hair loss?

Benefits of using Sulphate Free & Paraben Free Shampoo

1. Sulfate free shampoos are very mild as they contain natural surfactants that are skin-friendly and made with ingredients that are super gentle on your skin.

2. By avoiding sulfates and parabens, these shampoos help maintain the natural oils of the hair and scalp.

3. Sulfates are closely linked with Protein damage. Hair is made of about 91% Protein. When that protein is damaged, it can weaken, break, split, and misbehave.

4. Paraben-free shampoos utilize natural preservatives or alternative synthetic options that don't carry the same controversial associations as traditional parabens.

Why people in the olden days had flawless hair?

Our Grand Grand Mothers used to have long, silky, shiny and smooth hair. Apart from their healthy diet and clean environment, they would only stick to natural remedies than chemical-based solutions. Aloe Vera, Amla, Hibiscus Reetha, Sikakai, Onion, Ginger, Neem etc used to be in every household.

Somewhere in the middle, people slowly moved away from natural precious ingredients. If we had continued to those Ayurvedic remedies, then we wouldn't have faced hair issues in this era. 


Which is our best selling Sulfate free and Paraben Free Shampoo in Pakistan?

Aloe Vera Shampoo (Adv Formula with Keratin & Zinc) - Best, Top Selling Shampoo


best organic shampoo in pakistan
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Rosemary Shampoo (Hair Strengthening & Replenishing) - Best, Top Selling Shampoo


best sulphate free rosemary shampoo in pakistan


Onion Shampoo - Enriched with Botanicals & Vitamins - Best, Top Selling Shampoo


Best sulphate free onion shampoo in pakistan



Organic Hair Revitalizing Shampoo by Spa in a Bottle

Anagrow Shampoo by Jenpharm

Hair Repair Shampoo by Conatural

Charcoal Shampoo by Auragano

Hair Regrowth Shampoo by Conatural

Hair Repair Coconut Shampoo by Plush Natural

Tea Tree Shampoo by Auragano

Sebornil Shampoo by Jenpharm

Asian Black Shampoo Bar by Marjaan Botanicals

Walnut Shampoo (Peppermint) by Marjaan Botanicals

Almond Shampoo(Lavender) by Marjaan Botanicals

Strengthening Aloe Lavender Shampoo by Plush Natural

Walnut Shampoo (Lavender) by Marjaan Botanicals

Almond Shampoo(Peppermint) by Marjaan Botanicals

Herbal Shampoo Bar by Calm and Balm

Hibiscus Shampoo Bar by Calm and Balm

Rosemary Shampoo Bar by Calm and Balm

Shampoo Bar  by Zen Skin Care

Jasmine Shampoo & Conditioner Bar by Calm and Balm

Rice Shampoo Bar by Calm and Balm

Black Tea and Coffee Shampoo Bar by Calm and Balm







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