Boost Your Kids' Religious, Educational & Co-Curricular Skills with these 10 Fun Ramadan Activities for Kids

Posted by Sarah Arif on

Here is a list of activities for kids during Ramadan that can improve their religious habits, education, and co-curricular skills:

1. Religious Activities:

Du’a and reflection: Encourage kids to spend time in reflection and make Du’a (supplications) during Ramadan to improve their religious habits.

Read stories related to Ramadan and its significance to educate kids and improve their understanding about prophets and their stories as well.

* Arrange for Islamic quizzes to increase their knowledge. Show them such programs on Tv.

* Organize Quranic studies sessions for kids to increase their knowledge of Islam and improve their education.

* Encourage kids to participate in fasting and pray with the family to cultivate their religious habits. Encourage them to start with 3-4 hours of fasting and gradually build their interest.

* Engage kids in Islamic-themed arts and crafts activities, such as making lanterns or decorating the house with Quranic verses.

2. Charity Work: 

* Encourage your kids to do small charities like in distributing food, clothes to the needy ones. Engage them in helping you to cook food. Ask them to take out clothes from their wardrobes and distribute that.

* Take your kids on a shopping, give them a budget and ask them to shop for the poor kids.

* Ask them to save some money and donate that amount  somewhere.

3. Ramadan Cooking:

* Ask your children to help you in the kitchen to prepare Iftaar. You can give them small tasks to prepare fruit bowls, sherbat or even decorate table for the family.

4. Ramadan Games:

Organize fun games, such as a Ramadan scavenger hunt, to keep kids entertained and active.





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