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Shazday is intentional about preserving the ecological balance of the region where its fruit are grown. We go through great effort to ensure our produce is not grown by the help of chemical pesticides. To achieve this, we use pheromone disruptors to break the breeding cycle of fruit damaging pests. This ensures minimal impact on the ecology and environment, while fruit quality remains ideal for consumption. Normal pesticide use is damaging to both the environment and to the consumer. It prompts use of very harsh chemicals that are normally not found in nature in even very minimal amounts. The ecological balance is thrown off and many organisms that protect the environment are unnecessarily killed. The recently observed trend of honey bee population decline advocates this fact. These harsh chemicals also leech into the soil and sub-soil aquifers, polluting water and marine life. These chemicals also put the farmers and their families in acute danger. Similarly, the end consumer is also at risk. The fruit that is consumed and normally considered healthy, is mostly contaminated with the same harmful chemicals used as pesticides. This puts the consumer’s health at a very high risk. Having said all of this, no one wants to find worms in their fruit. We understand that our consumers also expect the best quality fruit that looks, smells and tastes great. Shazday used an industry best practice that minimally impacts ecology, does not put the environment, farmers and consumers at risk, while still maintaining the best possible quality of its produce. Using the concept of pheromone disruption, that effectively breaks the reproductive cycle of damaging pests only, we achieve the same results as a pesticide might. The pests dont lay their eggs on our fruit, their population declines and everyone gets to enjoy their fruit without the bugs!

Dry Fruits by Shazday:

1. Dried Apricot from Skardu

2. Dried Cherries from Skardu

3. Raisins  from Skardu

4. Prunes from Skardu







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