How to make Skin Brightening vitamin C Serum at home?

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We have often heard just two types of serums (Oil-based and Water-based). But, did you know there are 5 types of facial serums. Let us take you through them:

1. Oil Based Serum

This is the easiest formulation which mainly comprises of cold-pressed oils, essential oils and botanical extracts. Best of all? This type of formulation does not need a preservative because it does not contain water. A serum will provide moisturizing and barrier strengthening properties to the skin, as well as offering antioxidant properties.

2. Gel Based Serum

The biggest challenge of making a gel serum will be to find the right thickness and consistency so that you can dispense the serum properly. Gel serums impart that ‘tightening’ feeling on the skin and allow your customer to feel that their skin is being temporarily lifted or tightened in certain areas of the face. Because this formulation is water-based, the gel serum gives you the opportunity to incorporate some wonderful water-based (hydrophilic) botanical extracts.

3. Water Based Serum

Water-based serums are similar to gel serums, although will contain fewer gums and thickeners (or none at all!). A facial serum will contain a foundation that consists of water-based ingredients such as hydrosols which can have soothing, skin toning and balancing properties.

4. Emulsion Based Serum

A facial serum that consists of an emulsion is a moisturizer which delivers high performance ingredients into the skin, as well as acting to strengthen the skin’s barrier function. An emulsion has the greatest potential for delivering high performance actives deep down into the skin’s tissues

5. Balm Based Serum

A balm serum has a typical balm foundation, consisting of butters, waxes and oils, but then contains oil-soluble (lipophilic) active ingredients that can offer benefits to the skin. The butters and waxes create an occlusive layer on the skin which moisturizes and nourishes, whilst giving the active ingredients of the pressed serum the opportunity to work their magic on the skin. 

Vitamin C Serum Recipe:

Today, we are going to make an Oil based Vitamin C rich Serum for brightening. We will be using "Sea Buckthorn" oil as our key ingredient.

Sea buckthorn oil has great nutritional value like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. They also contain good amounts of folate, biotin and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E. 


You can purchase all the raw materials from this link given below:


15 ML quantity

  • Almond Oil (4 ML)
  • Argan Oil (4 ML)
  • Rosehip Oil (3 ML) 
  • Sea buckthorn Oil (3 ML)
  • Vitamin E Oil (1 ML)
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil (2 drops)
  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil (2 drops)

Mix all the ingredients well, fill the mixture in your serum bottle. Put the dropper cap and shake well. You can now put the branding sticker and it is ready to be sold.


What to expect from this Serum?

* This serum is a great anti-oxidant, therefore it helps to even over all skin tone.

* Due to rich vitamin C content in Sea buckthorn oil, Lemongrass oil and Rosehip oil, this serum will prevent acne/pimples and also remove any dark spots on your skin.

* Sea buckthorn oil also helps to improve elasticity of the skin. Moreover, it lightens your skin tone as well. 

* Cold-pressed oil like Argan Oil and Almond Oil have rich moisturizing and nourishing effect, hence they provide an extra hydration to the skin.

* Vitamin E oil is extremely essential for you skin. It helps to add a youthful to your skin while keeping it smooth and soft. 


* Never sell any skin or hair care item before testing it on your family and friends.

* Always advice your customer to patch test on hand before applying it on their skin. 




Courtesy by: Nature's Store Academy


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