Chemical Free Hair Dye in Pakistan

Chemical Free Hair Dye in Pakistan

Which Henna is best for Hair in Pakistan?

Lava Henna is the best herbal Henna Powder in Pakistan. This is the best henna for white hair as it is pure herbal hair colour. 

Is there any hair dye without chemicals?

Yes, there is a complete herbal solution which is the safest for your hair. 

A combination of Black henna hair dye with indigo powder gives a nice natural black or brown shade to your hair. 

Now, you can easily colour your hair without getting worried about harmful chemicals. We offer the best hair dye without ammonia and parabens. As they are totally plant-based, hence they offer a safer and less damaging alternative to traditional dyes.If Hibiscus powder is added, then it gives a more darker tone to your hair.  

Why Natural Hair Dyes are better than Chemical Hair Dyes?

Chemical hair dyes, as noted in the name, contain plenty of chemicals that allow the color to adhere to the hair more permanently. However, to achieve this effect, it uses abrasive chemicals that can be extremely harmful to the scalp, with some being carcinogenic in nature. The hair dye chemicals are so harsh that they can damage the scalp. Some people have even reported allergies to synthetic dyes. 

Chemical based dyes ruins the over all quality of your hair and further cause hair fall and breakage. 

Plant based dyes are non-toxic, which makes it safe to use on your scalp. They’re usually plant-based and eco-friendly so that when they’re disposed of, they do not negatively impact the environment. They not only work as a dye but they are good conditioners for your hair as well. A lot of people see a visible difference in their hair quality after using natural dyes






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