How to make a moisturizer at home

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Firstly, we need to understand the basic science behind using a moisturizer

As we age, the oil glands that keep skin healthy begin to lose their power, making it to where they create fewer oils. Moisturizing daily causes the glands to not have to work as hard to keep your skin healthy throughout your life. Even if your skin produces excess oil, you still have to use a moisturizer. The use of moisturizer on oily skin helps to control the excess sebum production.

There are oil and water based moisturizers available in the market. If you are breaking out with an oil-based moisturizer then you can switch to either a lotion or water-based moisturizer (gel based). 

How to make a moisturizer at home?

Oil-based Moisturizer:

This is a very quick and simple moisturizer and does not need a preservative at all. 

1. Lavender Shea Moisturizer

You can replace Apricot Oil with any lightweight pure cold-pressed oil like Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil etc.

Add Apricot oil and Shea butter in a clean sanitized bowl and mix well with a spoon. Make sure your equipments are well clean sanitized/sterilized. If your utensils are not clean then your skin care product can be harmful for your skin. We are adding Vitamin E oil to increase the shelf-life of the product. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant which helps to increase the life of the product but this is not a preservative. Therefore, you cannot add this in any water-based product as a substitute. 

2. Aloe & Rose Gel Moisturizer

You can replace Rose Hydrosol with any other Hydrosol like Cucumber, Lavender or Chamomile.

Since, there is no preservative in it. The shelf-life would be for a week and it needs to be kept in the fridge. Apply it over night and in the morning for amazing results. 

Disclaimer: Essential Oils should not be directly applied on the skin. You cannot add more than 1% in your whole recipe. If you feel that adding Essential oil is creating some irritation on your skin, immediately wash your face and avoid using it in your recipe. 

What are the benefits of using a moisturizer?

1. Keeps the skin younger looking. It delays wrinkles and fine lines. You need to use a moisturizer right after washing your face.

2. By moisturizing your skin each day, you fill up your pores with necessary hydration and keep more of those pollutants out of your pores

3. Gives a magical glow to your skin.

4. Helps to remove dark spots and pigmentation.

5. Keeps your skin soft and plump. 

6. Gives a healthy-looking complexion and a radiance.


A daily moisturizer is not a personal care treatment that you should skimp on. It only takes a minute or two each day, but it provides you with long-term benefits. Make the time to protect your skin from the elements and from life itself and put on moisturizer each day. If you do not know which type of moisturizer is best for your skin, then speak to us here at 0321-8006808.





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