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Hello Lahoris,

We've got you all covered in extreme Summer and Winter weather conditions. With the increase in smog situation, our hair have not just become dry and damaged but there has been an immense increase in dandruff and hair fall.

Keeping all that in mind, we have curated best sulphate free shampoos for your specific needs.

Our Top 10 picks - Sulphate Free Shampoo in Pakistan

Following are our best selling Sulphate Free Shampoos: 

What are the benefits of using Sulfate Free Shampoo?

Certainly! Here are 10 benefits of using sulfate-free shampoo:

Gentle Cleansing: Sulfate-free shampoos use milder surfactants that gently cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping away natural oils.

Best Aloe vera shampoo in Pakistan

Try out Aloe Vera shampoo by The Nature's Store.

Preserves Natural Oils: Unlike sulfates, which can be harsh and strip the scalp of its natural oils, sulfate-free shampoos help maintain the scalp's natural moisture balance.

Try out Rosemary Shampoo by the Nature's Store for beautiful hair even in humid weather.

best rosemary shampoo in pakistan


Reduces Scalp Irritation: Sulfate-free formulas are less likely to cause scalp irritation, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or scalp conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Try it out now: Onion Shampoo



Decreases Frizz and Dryness: Sulfate-free shampoos are often enriched with natural oils and moisturizing ingredients that help combat frizz and dryness, leaving hair smoother and more manageable.

Shampoo by Plush Natural in Pakistan
Try out Hair repair shampoo by Plush Natural.


Reduces Hair Damage: Harsh sulfates can weaken the hair shaft and lead to breakage and damage over time. Sulfate-free shampoos help minimize hair damage and promote healthier, stronger hair growth.

Try out Jasmine Shampoo Bar by Calm and Balm.


Supports Overall Hair Health: By eliminating harsh chemicals and artificial additives, sulfate-free shampoos promote overall hair and scalp health, resulting in hair that looks and feels naturally beautiful.

Asian Shampoo Bar by Marjaan Botanicals



    These benefits make sulfate-free shampoo a preferred choice for individuals seeking a gentler, more natural approach to hair care.

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