Our Story!

Posted by Sarah Arif on

The entire idea of “The Nature’s Store” revolves around creating an awareness in Pakistan about the importance of organic/natural products & promoting such brands who are putting their heart and soul in manufacturing everything from the goodness of nature.
The Nature's Store aims to provide “EVERYTHING under one roof” from health & beauty to edible products. There are literally thousands of chemicals used in the commercial skincare & haircare industries which most of the people are not aware of. 
One of the first rules of holistic skin care is, “if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” Therefore it becomes of utmost importance to carefully observe the labels of your skincare products, just as you would your food.
I am sure, most of you cannot even pronounce the ingredients at the back of your skin or hair related product, which is ALARMING. 
Similarly, it is said "We are what we eat". Hence, we decided to bring in the one of the best assortments for Food and Beauty products.
So, the entire idea came from here to do something which would benefit my country and my people. I think, if I will be successful in pushing people from conventional/unhealthy/chemical products to natural and organic, then this would surely impact on generations.
So, let’s adopt a healthy lifestyle.


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