Best Quality Kishmish Online in Pakistan

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Benefits of Kishmish:

Raisins have numerous nutritional benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

 1. Raisins are rich in Fiber which plays an important role in reducing cholesterol levels.  

2. Raisins help in improving the performance of athletes engaging in moderate- to high-intensity endurance exercise.

3. Raisins are also rich in Iron, thus helps to prevent iron-deficiency anemia.  

4. It is also a good source of Calcium, therefore it works wonders for healthy and strong bones and teeth.

5. Raisins are exceptional source of naturally occurring chemicals called phytonutrients, such as phenols and polyphenols. These types of nutrients are known as anti-oxidants.

Types of Raisins available in Pakistan:

1. Black Raisins 

2. Green Raisins

3. Golden Raisins





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