Top Organic Brands in Pakistan for Skincare, HairCare and Food

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Being a Pakistani, most of us have had grandmas that stressed on using only natural and organic ingredients to make products. This included but is not limited to fruits and flower extracts, milk, honey, turmeric and many other items for regular skin care regimes.

Ages after that, we see more and more doctors and experts to go with non chemical based products in order to maintain health and skin.

Natural beauty product has therefore, become a new new buzzword for women who believe in a more environmentally friendly way to keep their hair / skin looking healthy and radiant without the adverse effects of early aging.

Natural and Organic products have many benefits that include reduction of risk of illness, no harsh chemicals and irritants, eco friendly, natural fragrance and a lower chance of premature aging.

Some of the Pakistani brands that are making these benefits a reality are mentioned below:


Top Organic and Natural Brands for Skincare in Pakistan


Aura Crafts

Buy Aura Crafts Online in Pakistan

Aura Crafts started off as a small home based family project with the aim of promoting toxin free and natural skin care products. They have a number of all natural handcrafted soaps and as per the customers’ reviews, they are some of the finest in Pakistan.

Now their range has grown ten-fold and they provide a great range of high quality, natural skin and hair products that are not only effective but also affordable and safe for you and your family

Their slogan: Trust Nature. Trust Aura. Makes it clear that Aura Crafts believes the benefits Nature can provide.

Aura products are 99%+ Natural, Handcrafted, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free, Artificial Color Free and Cruelty free.

Top Selling Aura Products

Buy Lemon Bar Online in Pakistan

Buy Strawberry Bar Online in Pakistan

Buy Peppermint Bar Online in Pakistan


Go Natural

Buy Go Natural Online in Pakistan

If you are in the market for essential or carrier oils, Go Natural can be your go to brand. They aim to provide their customers with authentic natural oils, aromatherapy and skin/body care products. Established in 2014, Go Natural has slowly made it’s mark in the Pakistan Natural care market to revolutionize lifestyle and boost health. Their products are free of pesticides and preservatives.

They even have carrier and essential oil specialties like Eucalyputs Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and many more.

Top Selling Go Natural Products

Buy Coconut Oil Online in Pakistan

Buy Lavender Oil Online in Pakistan

Buy Coconut Oil Bucket Online in Pakistan

Buy Jojoba Oil Online in Pakistan

Buy Tea Tree Oil Online in Pakistan


Lush Organix


Buy Lush Organix Online in Pakistan


One brand with a great list of categories: Skin Care, Hair Care and even Dental Care. Lush Organix has proved to be a big part of Pakistani Organic SkinCare Brands. They go an extra mile to get a high grade of natural ingredients, products are handmade and they aim to be known as Trustworthy and Innovative.

And with over half a million happy customers, you can trust their ratings and reviews. Especially the ones for their best-selling Essential Oils.

Buy Top Selling Lush Organix Products

Buy Deep Shine & Repair Hair Serum Online in Pakistan

Buy Charcoal Teeth Whitening Online in Pakistan

Buy Rosehip Oil Online in Pakistan

Buy Cotton Candy Online in Pakistan

Buy 30 Day Teatox Online in Pakistan


Plush Natural


Buy Plush Natural Online in Pakistan


Plus Natural is committed to use natural resources in the most Eco-friendly manner, the products are made with fruits, vegetables, herbs, oils and minerals!

Brainchild of young entrepreneurs struggling to find an organic skin care / hair care line, Plush Natural  decided it was up to them to lead the nation to a chemical free future. They ensure whatever you use on your skin is made of toxic free and high quality ingredients.

Their slogan of “Love Nature & Love Yourself” is exactly what they stand for, helping people be comfortable with themselves and their surroundings.

All of their products are Handmade, Natural, Paraben Free, Tested on International Level Parameters and Cruelty Free.

 Top Selling Plush Natural Products

Buy Strengthening Aloe Lavender Shampoo Online in Pakistan

Buy Herbal Detox Cleanser + Face Wash Online in Pakistan

Buy Hair Repair Shampoo Online in Pakistan

Buy Aloe Lavender Moisturizer Online in Pakistan

Buy Hair Growth Serum Online in Pakistan

Buy Deep Cleansing Face Wash Online in Pakistan

Buy Intense Glow Serum Online in Pakistan

Buy Vitamin C Serum for Face Online in Pakistan



Qubbles Bath & Body


Buy Qubbles Both and Body Online in Pakistan


Aiming to eliminate all chemical based products from your dressing table, Qubbles Bath & Body has made a great mark in Pakistani organic product landscape.

They plan to revolutionize world of skin care products by offering cruelty free products made with pure & natural ingredients.

Top Selling Qubble’s Bath and Body Products

Buy GOT MY SURKHI ON | Lip and Cheek Tint Online in Pakistan

Buy TIMELESS MOISTURIZER | For Face and Body Online in Pakistan

Buy Ms Party Pink | Got My Surkhi On Lip and Cheek Tint Online in Pakistan

Buy REVIVAL | Repairing and Nourishing Protein Rich Hair Mask Online in Pakistan

Buy VITAMIN C SERUM | Brightening Serum Online in Pakistan

Buy ROSE GEL | For Face and Body Online in Pakistan


Spa In A Bottle


Buy Spa in the Bottle Online in Pakistan


Spa in a Bottle is a concept that aims to produce natural and organic substitutes for commercially available skincare options.

Aiming to break the sterotype of “ideal body image” which does more harm than good, Spa in the Bottle provides people with safe and natural alternatives that bring out the best in users.

Their serums, some of the best in the market are blends of high quality essential and carrier oils.

Being a supporter of small business and local growth, their Carrier Oils are freshly prepared from local rural vendors and their Masks/Scrubs are harvested and ground locally in true “desi style”.

Top Selling Spa in a Bottle Products

Buy The 24K Gold Serum Online in Pakistan

Buy Spa in a Bottle Vitamin E and C Serum Online in Pakistan

Buy Youthful glow serum Online in Pakistan

Buy Hyaluronic Acid Serum Online in Pakistan

Buy Rose Water Online in Pakistan

Buy Aqua Luminizing Essence Online in Pakistan

Buy Organic Daily Facewash Online in Pakistan

Buy Magnesuim Oil Online in Pakistan

Buy Pore Refining Serum Online in Pakistan

Buy Anti Acne Serum Online in Pakistan

Buy Hair Regrow Oil Online in Pakistan


Top Organic and Natural Brands for Food Products in Pakistan

The Organic Shop (Lahore)

Buy Organic Shop Products Online in Pakistan

Not for the whole country, this brand is changing the way people consume food. Established and based in Lahore, the Organic Shop provides high quality organic carbs, protein and minerals to improve your health.

You buy once, and you will be hooked forever:

Buy Organic Cow Milk in Lahore

Buy Organic Buffalo Milk in Lahore

Buy Desi Anday (Organic Eggs) in Lahore

Buy Desi Murghi (Chicken) in Lahore

Buy Organic Sugar in Lahore

Buy Desi Ghee in Lahore

Buy Desi Makhan (Homemade Organic Butter) in Lahore

Buy Milk Kefir in Lahore




The Nature’s Store

Buy the Natures Store Products Online in Pakistan

Saving the latest for last. We, at The Nature’s Store have only ONE GOAL in mind, to educate and ignite the awareness of the benefits of using Natural/Organic Products.

We believe in the growing local small businesses and hence, the website is designed to give ample mileage and visibility to small brands with high quality products.

Customer comes first at The Nature’s Store so rest assured, our policies will ensure you are the winner.

Apart from helping small businesses grow, we also provide our own range of Health and Beauty Products (Skin Care and Hair Care) and Diet and Nutrition Products (Herbal Tea and a great variety of organic food straight from the North of Pakistan).

Top Selling Nature’s Store Products

Buy Aloe Vera Shampoo Online in Pakistan

Buy Lavender Herbal Tea Online in Pakistan

Buy Hibiscus Tea Online in Pakistan

Buy Rose Herbal Tea Online in Pakistan

Buy Hunza Tumuro Tea Online in Pakistan

Buy Dry Milk Kefir Grains Online in Pakistan

Buy Charcoal Soap Online in Pakistan

Buy Best Face Wash for Acne Online in Pakistan

Buy Face Wash for Dry Skin Online in Pakistan



Apart from the suppliers mentioned above, there are numerous other small to big brands that produce exceptional organic and natural products. Some of them have been also mentioned below.



Skin Deep

Saeed Ghani

Kishmish Organic Skincare

Le Pur Cosmetics




Try some of the above products and start your own "All Natural" journey today. :)


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