Khewra Rock Salt (Pink Salt)

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900 G


It has unbelievable wellbeing aspects for the human body is no more a secret.
It’s overloaded with natural possessions and medically proven as much better than regular table salt.
Sodium chloride is the most significant compound found in salt, and the public uses it as an alternative name for the salt.
The journey of salt prevailed for thousands of years for adding flavor into your food, fruit repining, and working as a preservative agent.
Fascinatingly, sodium plays a vital role in some biological features; it affects blood pressure, muscle reduction, and nerve conduction.
Because of the strong clinical belief, people are considering it as a better option; they are shifting from white salt to Himalayan pink salt.
Our salt is simply hand-extracted and modestly treated to get back a natural product that is entirely free of additives. This product is also a mere reflection of our steadfast aim to provide natural foodstuff to society.
• Extracted by hands
• Natural Mining
• Unrefined (Minimal Processing)
• Enriched with iron
• Recover respiratory functions
• Maintain the pH level of the body
• Anti-aging
• Normalize blood sugar