100% Natural & Organic Mehindi Cone

Organic Roots

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This Cone is prepared in Karachi. There are no chemicals or preservatives added during the preparation,  which is why it has to be delivered outside Karachi in 1 day.

For urgent delivery service, the courier takes Rs 370 for the delivery along with the pre-payment of Mehndi Cone. Therefore, the customer has to make a pre-payment so that the order is processed.

(Delivery charges at the time of the check out do not apply for the customers living outside Karachi, as they have to pay the fixed amount of Rs 370.)

To follow the process of payment, please read the steps below:

  1. Reach out to us on Call/WhatsApp: 0321-8006808 or our team will reach out to you for the order confirmation.
  2. Our team will share Bank account details.
  3. You will be required to share a screenshot of the payment on WhatsApp.
  4. Your order will reach in a day after the date of dispatching.


Our Natural Henna Cones Made with a Combination of Our Lava and Rajrang Triple Sifted Henna powder From Rajistan Sojat are available in Pakistan.

Keep these points in mind while buying chemical-free henna cones:

  • Keep your henna cone in the freezer until use and get it out of your freezer 15-20 minutes before application.
  • Apply henna two days prior to your event. Because pure henna stain takes 24-48 hours to get mature.
  • Try to keep your henna moist by applying our sealant. Give it heat by any meanwhile henna on hand. The most popular heating options are blowing drier or flame gloves.
  • Don’t wash with water. Peel off-dry paste of henna. Avoid using water for one hour. Try to give warmth to your henna by any means. like fumes of gloves.
  • Meanwhile, it is better if you could apply vicks balm to your design.
  • And more importantly, share your henna tattoo picture with us.