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Eggs are a vital part of our daily nutritional requirements. In this age of industrialization, this is a hard task to choose safe and healthy products in all aspects. 
Industrial chicks and egg production is rapidly losing the customer’s constancy due to the heavy use of chemicals, antibiotics, and a factory-farm environment. Eggs produced in typical poultry farms come with deficient quality of the egg-white and the yolk.
We are here at free-range sustainable farming assortment producing Desi eggs with ultimate quality. We ensure all the parameters that we need to qualify as a natural egg producer. Our Desi eggs come from chickens that fed by only raw feed. We don’t use feeding our egg-laying hens with the cruel supplements, by-products of animals, and synthetic nutrients.
 Additionally, our hens grew up in a wholly cage-free and natural flock environment with strict restrictions on the use of growth hormones.
• Produced in highly maintained natural farms
• Free from drugs and synthetics
• Clean eggshells
• Good egg size
• Natural Molting
• Capable of boosting DHL (Good cholesterol)
• Healthy source of risk-free protein
• Support Healthy Skin 
• Ensures a significant supply of vitamins
• Matchless natural taste
• Double amount of Omega-3 than commercial eggs
• An adequate amount of powerful antioxidants