Minced Chicken - Qeema (1 Tray) "Desi Chicken"


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Net Weight: 400-500 Grams (from the live weight of average 1.25 Kg bird)

Chicken Qeema (ground chicken) is specially used in patties, sandwiches, and burgers. It is also converted into several yummy dishes when combined with vegetables and rice.
There are two main reasons to think again while purchasing keema from the local market.
• Low-quality meat grown by chemical feed and growth hormones
• Grinding machines and material at butcher shops almost stay grimy.
We, as a company, always strive to facilitate consumers with our healthy products by saving their resources.
Our team has offered fresh ground chicken for keema lovers.
It is merely a by-product of our free-range chicks offerings.
The company’s poultry section has a departmental vision to offer meat products of chicken lots that grow in healthful surroundings.
Chicks slaughterhouse functions in a halal manner then boneless grinding is done by hand on the butcher blocks.
During the whole process, the cleanliness of meat approves by quality supervisors.
The product has packed in a human & meat-friendly environment. All the staff wears gloves, aprons, and head caps from cut to pack.
To maintain its natural state, we use to keep it in an airtight packaging at the appropriate temperature.

By ordering our brand, you can save yourself from consuming commercial chicken products that have a high risk of allergies and infections.

• Halal slaughtering practices
• Safe source of protein
• Ready to cook


Support Muscle building
Easily digestible
Nicely packed handmade recipe at your doorstep


Palao (Rice mixture)