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Our Pure Desi Ghee is a purely elucidated butter of naturally nourished cows and buffalos in grassland arrangement of dairy farms. We have developed the green farms to ensure grass grazing for our milk provider animals. We love to use traditional procedures of making pure Desi ghee, which comprised of three elegant steps.

€¢ Preparation of Yogurt from Milk
€¢ Extract Butter from the Yogurt through a perfect blending practice
€¢ Transform butter into ghee through moderate heating organism

Indeed, our premium pure ghee is a conversion of pasture-raised milk that we get without using any artificial hormones. Our long-established milking processes are beyond comparison and utterly free from the attempt of milk increasing through injections.

The yogurt and butter simmering process accomplished in controlled temperature and under-roof departments.

Our dairy products made under the rigid hygienic standards on every step. Society wellbeing is the utmost value proposition which we are offering through natural products like this.

Freshness, taste, aroma, and nutrients of pure ghee are conserved without any preservatives and artificial additives.

€¢ Grass-fed ghee
€¢ Free from GMO€™s
€¢ 0% preservatives and synthetic color
€¢ Extensive shelf life
€¢ Prepared with low heat
€¢ Fortified with nutrients
€¢ Free from sodium and trans fat

€¢ Excellent source of healthy soluble fat.
€¢ Tasteful frying and cooking experience
€¢ impressively works for the message and skincare
€¢ Cure muscle cramps and body dehydration
€¢ Enriched with antioxidants
€¢ Energy booster and Immunity developer
€¢ Digestive support and anti-inflammatory properties



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