Pure Shakar (Organic Sugar)

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The use of refined and artificial sugar is decreasing due to its detrimental effects on our everyday life. This processed stuff is rapidly leading the society towards obesity, heaviness, and headache. Increases appetite that causes more food intake than the user needs.
Sugar is the culprit for early aging and weakens the immune system.
Naturally produced sugar has prepared with effective conventional measures to conserve its originality.
All the essential ingredients and nutrition draw out in refining, and the final product contains nothing other than calories.
When someone uses refined sugar, it causes draining out the absorbed nutrients in the body. Continuous use causes the loss of calcium from the teeth and bones.
We manufacture sugar according to the principles of hygienic standards, and no industrial method is used to purify it.
Polyphenols are potent antioxidants that almost remain the same in the shakar.
Sugar contains fiber, which is very beneficial for intestinal cleansing
The vitamins found in sugar, mainly contribute to the physical growth of children.
We use elite quality air-tight packaging of this product in a separate department under the roof.

• Unrefined
• Naturally treated
• Fully nutritious
• Air-tight packaging
• Chemical-free

• Energy Booster
• Reliefs from constipation
• It treats anemia and aid to control inflammation.