Walnut Shampoo (Lavender)

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Product Details Our 100% natural Walnut Shampoo is made out of first cold pressed pure Walnut Oil that cleanses your hair and helps improve its overall scalp health.The nutrient rich blend of Coconut ,Castor,Olive &Rapeseeds Oil further nourishes your hair resulting in a healthy shine that you will love.Naturally fragranced with Pure Lavender Essential Oil ,which stimulates hair growth,leaving them soft and shiny.

We make own 100% natural shampoo base from scratch.Our shampoos are void of any surfactants ,and make a natural low lather just enough to effectively cleanse your hair without stripping away the hair?s natural oils.

For all hair types

Naturally fragranced with Lavender Essential Oil

Natural low lather

Restores natural shine

No Preservatives added


Walnut Oil

Coconut Oil

Castor Oil

Olive Oil

Rapeseeds Oil

Lavender Essential Oil



Directions: Shake well before use.Wet hair and apply shampoo on the scalp,lather for 30 seconds&rinse.Re-shampoo &thoroughly rinse the remaining hair .(For daily use,one time application is enough).For best results ,follow it with our Shea Butter Conditioner

Due to natural ingredients,the shampoo might show signs of discolouration ,which is perfectly normal for a 100% hand made product.

Bottle: 100% recycled (PCR) PET plastic.

Tested on Friends &Family.

Made in Pakistan